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Fiona de Lange

I have been enjoying beer passionately for around 25 years. I am a certified international beer sommelier and zythologist (beer expert) and Certified Cicerone®,  providing beer & food master classes, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Certified Cicerone®
  • You can frequently see me on Dutch TV as the go-to beer expert of the KRO-NCRV programme BinnensteBuiten on NPO2. You can also hear me on the radio in the Netherlands, enthusiastically talking about beer based on my knowledge and stories.
  • As the owner of the National Beer Bank, I store beer for further maturing. I also love hosting the amazing Beer Days at Fort bij Spijkerboor and Fort Everdingen.
  • Go to to read what to bear in mind when combining beer and food.
  • Experiencing beer is done best when drinking beer from the correct glass. The specially designed Enjoying Beer glasses allow for optimal tasting of any beer.
  • I publish weekly beer vlogs about a range of beer-related subjects.
  • You can expand your knowledge of beer with my books 'Beer & Food', 'Explore the taste of beer' or 'What you should know as a beer fan'.